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Asafoetida plant

Origin: Iran, Afghanistan.

Ferula foetida

Asafoetida produces an onion/garlic flavor when cooked.
It is used as an ingredient in Indian vegetarian cooking.

Deities: The Horned God.
Planet: Mars or Saturn.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Gender: Masculine.
Element: Fire.

Asafoetida is noted for its foul odor when in an uncooked state.

Use only small quantities when burning for spell and ritual use.

Burn only in a well ventilated area.

It's magical properties are said to be beneficial for Protection, Exorcisms and Purification's.

It is used as an ingredient in Mars or Saturn spell work and formulas for, Exorcisms, Protection, Purification and to increase the power of spirit banishing rituals.

It is worn around the neck in an amulet bag to ward off evil spirits.

It is burned in rituals to honor the Horned God.